Supporting Independent music

Beehivepro Mission:

We are dedicated to the growth and empowerment of independent musical artists and the organizations that support them. We produce recordings, videos, graphics & photography in collaboration with musicians, media & presenters.

Through live, on-stage, impromptu and curated studio sessions, we strive to capture the unique and synergistic work of musicians. Skilled creativity and improvisation allow us to capture the essence of each musical performance—primarily as single song films and longer documentary-style pieces—enabling the voice of today’s roots music culture.

OFFICIAL VIDEO: Ana Egge – “We Are One”

We are proud to have Produced and Directed the official video for this amazing song by Brooklyn, NY songwriter Ana Egge. Filmed over two days throughout the boroughs of our beloved city, it features the beautiful faces of our fellow New Yorkers. If you were one of these people, THANK YOU again - please send me an email: I would love to tag you in a FaceBook post!


An ongoing film series highlighting today’s roots music culture and community. These featurettes are a mosaic of live performances and candid dialogue captured as we cross paths with creative artists and eclectic lovers of music everywhere.


Filmed "sessions" for independent artists and broadcasters such as, Folk Alley and NPR Music. Visit our SESSIONS page to see some of the latest work.