Our ensemble is a small cast of artistically minded audio/visual producers focused on capturing the beauty and synchronicity of live music. We combine artists’ presentations with our own sound and visual design philosophies to create a cohesive whole. Our goal is to capture the intimacy and nuance of a true, live-music performance.

At the core are Sue Bibeau and Jeff Oehler who established Beehive Productions in 1995. Through hard work and dedication, we’ve expanded into the outfit we are now. With a clear vision and passion for our work, we’ve committed ourselves to serving independent music and artists through our own creative pursuits.

We approach our sessions with the philosophy that from performer to producer, we are all collaborators in the final piece. Our work is rooted in the idea that great content comes from talented artists who successfully use instruments’ individual character and unique sound. Creativity and adaptability are at the core of our working philosophy. It’s a very simple approach but one that leaves the true beauty of what an artist creates unscathed and whole.

We are proudly sponsored by Peluso Microphone Lab in Willis, VA.