Pewter Sessions at THE HOOT!

These are were shot during the Winter and Summer HOOT festivals at the Ashokan Center near Woodstock, NY. The Pewter Shop is a tiny, 100-year-old, one-room building on the grounds. Sessions are filmed in front of a live audience and without interruption, making for an exciting and intimate experience for performers and viewers alike. We've been filming the Pewter Sessions for the past 4 years and it's become one of our favorite locations.


Caramoor American Roots Festival

This series of live sessions was filmed during the Caramoor's annual American Roots Festival. These were shot outside, tucked away from the main grounds of the event to give some audio separation. 


Porch Stomp - Governor's Island, NYC

These live sessions were filmed during the annual Porch Stomp music festival on Governor's Island, a tiny island located off the tip of Manhattan that was once a military base and harbor fort. We set-up in an empty residence that was once home to the island's commanding officer.