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Peluso Microphone Lab:
Bringing the very best in vintage sound to new life

The Peluso line of custom vacuum tube condenser, solid-state condenser and ribbon microphones brings the very best in vintage sound to new life - the sound renowned for clarity, detail and warmth. 

Established in 2002, Peluso Microphone Lab is a family owned and operated business. Their goal is to deliver the finest quality microphone products at a fair price. They take pride in the attention to detail given to every microphone they build. 

Peluso microphones are hand assembled using the highest quality modern and vintage components sourced from around the world. From the hand soldering on their circuit boards, to the selection and testing of their vacuum tubes, they ensure each of their microphones are worthy of the Peluso name. Prior to shipment, they extensivly test every Peluso microphone kit with a human listening test and a computer frequency response test.

All Peluso Microphones are covered by a Three Year Limited Warranty.

Below is a mini-documentary that we made to promote their work: