About Us

Beehive Productions was established by photographer/graphic designer Susan Bibeau and audio engineer/producer Jeff Oehler in 1995. With a clear vision and passion for our work, we’ve committed ourselves to serving independent music and artists through our own creative pursuits.

We approach our sessions with the philosophy that from performer to producer, we are all collaborators in the final piece. The success of this work revolves around the idea that great content is rooted in the passion of all of the individuals involved.

Creativity and adaptability are at the core of our working philosophy. It’s a very simple approach but one that leaves the true beauty of what an artist creates unscathed and whole.

Beehive Productions studio is located in Saranac Lake, NY in the heart of the Adirondack mountains. We film and record many sessions here including those for FolkAlley.com, but we are also fully mobile and love the opportunity to set up remote shooting locations and film in different spaces.