Ear to the Ground: RUSHAD EGGLESTON

Rushad Eggleston is an innovative musician who has changed the way the cello is played. He is a composer, wild jazz vocalist, kazoo player & performer, who has toured extensively in 49 states and 15+ countries. Eggleston is known for inventing words, and for his imaginative world called The Land of Sneth.

“Legend, clown, goblin, cello-shredder, acrobat. Wild “jazz” vocalist, bundle of laughs, writer of hit songs in other galaxies, Ambassador of Sneth. Inventor of bluegrass cello, time traveler, creator of worlds.”

The B-Sides are individual song videos filmed for each Ear to the Ground film — check 'em out:

B-Side:Rushad Eggleston "Gippily, gippily Gaek u Waek"

B-Side: Rushad Eggleston "Bush Charge"

B-Side: Rushad Eggleston "Lumber's leap"

B-SIDE: Rushad Eggleston "Leafternoon"

B-side: Rushad Eggleston "Fluffy Arabian cat disease"

B-SIDE: Rushad Eggleston - "Cello Goblin" Promo

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