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Peluso Microphone Lab: Reimagining the Classics

Peluso Microphone Lab is a small-scale, family operation who’s mission is to make incredible sounding and durable microphones that are not only true to their classic inspirations but reliable tools that working artists, producers and engineers can afford.  All Peluso mics are hand-built by John & Mary Peluso and Chris Newitt at their shop near Floyd, VA.  

In our opinion, the entire family of Peluso microphones have both clarity and character that is unrivaled by any mic line being made today — at any price point. It’s been our experience that John Peluso’s revamps of classic designs are more true to the originals than even the modern reproductions and variations of those microphones made today by Neumann, Telefunken and AKG.  

We find Peluso’s full line of microphones to be an invaluable component of what we do—we’ve used them exclusively on all of our recordings since 2012. We’re thrilled to be a part of the Peluso community both as producers and now authorized dealers!

If you’re interested in recording music and are looking for microphones — visit our web store and please, contact us for suggestions!  The proceeds from a Beehive/Peluso microphone purchase will go directly to our collective support for independent music!

Check out the promo video that we made for them awhile back…